4 Things You Should Be Doing Every Day to Make More Money Behind the Chair

Hey there! Are you ready to 10x your income?

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Did you know that the beauty industry is a $49 BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY?


If you’re a hair stylist ready to cash in on some of that money, keep reading!

I’ve broken down the four easiest ways for you to make more money behind the chair. These are the same things that I teach my team at every stage for their career  to turn on income generating abilities and it has helped them to create a sustainable and growing income.

These are the 4 things I’m going to focus on today:

  • Profit Producing Activities
  • Pre-booking Your Income
  • Customer Experience
  • Money In – Money Out = Money In or Out of Your Pocket
    • aka Revenue – Expenses = Profit/Loss

So let’s dive right in.

Profit Producing Activities

A profit producing activity is something that generates money.

Profit Producing Activities:

  • Services
  • Pre-booking Guests
  • Referrals 
  • Selling Retail*

Activities that don’t make money:

  • Chit chatting with other stylists 
  • Gossiping with your friends 
  • Thinking about what you need to make for dinner 
  • Writing a shopping list 
  • Spending time on Social Media…

Let’s talk about Instagram and social media in general for a minute.

Are you using social media as a resource or are you using it as a distraction? 

So many people just sit on Instagram all day and just scroll through posts and stories about outfits, new recipes, new workout regimes, funny pets, or learning a new hair technique.

And while those things are fun to waste time doing, none of them is gonna put money in your wallet.

So how much time should you spend on these profit producing activities?

If you’re new behind the chair, then at least 80 percent of your day should be doing something that’s gonna generate you some money.

Instagram is a great place to start building your business, but I get it it’s hard to build when you don’t have a lot of clients.

So make sure you are doing things on Instagram that will help build your book, like:

  • Hair Tutorials
  • Mannikin Work
  • Product Tutorials
  • Following people in your community
  • Sharing about your life

If you’re not just starting out, then you create a calendar of when to use social media to your advantage, and encourage your clients to follow you on Instagram.

Next let’s focus on Pre-booking your Income.

When you can get an existing client to come back to you, it is so much easier than going out to get a new client.

Your clients should look to you as a professional, the professional who is the best option to keep their hair looking on point at all times!

This is your opportunity to explain to your client when to return to you in order to maintain their style.

And give them a few options before they go, so they can at least start thinking about anything they have going on. 

When you pre-book your appointments, you can almost certainly count on future income.

Next, let’s talk about creating an Unforgettable Customer Experience.

When I first became a hairdresser and then eventually a salon owner, it seemed like everywhere I looked, there was a salon or a group of popular hairdressers!

I quickly figured out what would make someone come to me over going to them was an unforgettable customer experience.

I worked hard over the years creating a customer journey that every client goes through as soon as they book an appointment at my salon.

The key to creating an awesome customer experience is to deliver it consistently to everyone who books with you, whether it’s their first visit or their 400th.

Finally, it’s time to talk about MONEY.  Everybody wants it and everybody never seems to have enough of it.

It’s not uncommon to find a stylist that doesn’t like math because we are generally more creative creatures.

But it’s super crucial to understand how your income is effected by how much you bring in versus how much you spend.

This is called Profit and Loss.

It’s a pretty simple formula, but getting organized enough to keep track is a whole other story.

Some people call this budgeting.  But my opinion on budgeting is that it has the same negative connotation as dieting.

It’s hard and no one wants to do it, the pay out is very minimal.

So, here’s how I do it.

Get an app like MINT and connect it to your bank accounts and cards.

Categorize all your expenses and income.

Every month look over it, see how much money you actually have at the end of 30 days.

Are there things you can cut out?

Are there more profit producing activities that you could be doing?

Wanna deep dive into creating a plan to increase your money? Check out this awesome class by Joy LaMay with Destroy the Hairdresser called Save Your Way to $101k, click here to learn more and sign up!*

Why didn’t I talk about RETAIL?

Retail is a complicated beast and deserves a whole post on the subject, make sure you’ve signed up for the newsletter so you can get first access to the post when it comes out!

I’d love to know how you’re going to implement some of these tips in your career, so leave a comment below!

See you soon!


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