5 Fall Hair Trends | Mebane Hair Salon

5 Fall Hair Trends to inspire your conversation with your hair stylist.

1. LAYERS. Lots and lots of flowy layers. We love layers because it adds all the DRAMA without the talk. :joy:

2. Sienna Miller was a 90’s fem icon and we love her as much now as then, she’s the reigning queen of the Blunt Bob!

3. Color-Curious??? Why not start with an eye-ball popping, no she didn’t, pink, we LOVE the Color Curious, definitely sets our hearts on fire!

4. No chestnuts? No open-fire to roast them on? Why not try a luscious, warm, brown? Better yet, forget the scarf and add those extensions!

5. Are you ready to live that Goldie Locks fantasy? Don’t worry about those 3 bears, we’ve got you covered! Our stylists who are blonding specialists will help you create this gorgeousness!

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