CANVAS Salon Letter to our Clients’

It is change, continuing change, inevitable change, that is the dominant factor in society today.
– Isaac Asimov

First, let me thank you for your continued patronage to CANVAS. I can not begin to express to you the amount of joy I feel when I get to see each one of you in the salon as I continue to grow CANVAS into a welcoming and inclusive space.

These last few months have certainly been an interesting ride that, though not many were prepared for, we have seem to come out stronger on the other side of.

When the Shelter-in-Place order came down from the Governer’s office and the salon temporarily closed it’s doors, I quickly realized we weren’t the only ones affected.

So many people would need to go home, kids wouldn’t be going to school, many would lose a valuable income, and it seemed like the only people deemed essential were the most at risk.

I knew that I wasn’t prepared to let this pandemic permanently close the salon because I know what a valuable and joyful experience time in our chairs can be for our guests.

So we improvised, adapted, and overcame the best way we knew how and I am so thankful we turned fear into action.

Change is inevitable and although we’re always seeking growth here at CANVAS, the pandemic has really shown us how important of a reminder that is.

We know that change can be scary. Change can be jolting. Some changes feel more minor, some feel more like ripping a band-aid off!

We are here for ALL the changes.

I have so enjoyed the amazing growth within the last year that when I became aware that the owners of the building CANVAS is housed at put it up for sale, I knew I had to step into the possibility of change, again, and make a decision.

With this, I’ve realized that it is time to focus on that next level, which is nurturing the entrepreneur inside of me and as such have made the decision to relocate the salon.

CANVAS Salon will be Relocating in October 2020.

The new location is approximately 2 miles from our current building, and right off the interstate at 1921 NC-119 in Mebane, located behind O’Reilly’s Auto Parts and a few doors down from Kenyon’s Meat Market.

This move will allow me to position the salon for growth and to work more behind the scenes to continue to create a space that our guests will continue to fall in love with and become a salon of choice for stylists who align with our culture.

With this my schedule and rates will change. Currently my hourly rate is $60/hour, and it will move to $80/hour. I will also be changing my schedule to 3 days a week behind the chair, Thursday-Saturday.

I’m also very happy to announce that Robert, our Master Colorist will also be getting a raise. His rates will be increasing to $80/hr as well. However, his schedule remains unchanged.

Our website and logo are also getting a facelift and will more reflect what I had always envisioned for CANVAS when I opened her in the spring of 2019.

These changes will take effect October 1st.

I know, its petrifying. I am sure there will be many, many questions.

“Will I be able to get in?” “What about my budget?”

May I invite you to put everyting in an email if it overwhelms you? I am here to help ease this transition.

If there is a price-point you would rather stay in, we can make adjustments to your services, but I would also be more than pleased to pair you with one of our stylists that may better fit your budget (and personality ;))

I know relationships with our stylists feel deeply involved (at least to me they do) and this can be scary. But I am more than confident in everyone’s ability to adapt. There may be some growing pains! But without them, there is no growth.

And for me, growth is non-negotiable.

I love and appreciate every single one of you that I have had the pleasure to know and help feel beautiful.

Thank you, from the fullness of my heart. Without you, none of us would be this happy where we work. I look forward to watching everyone’s growth as we navigate the rest of the year!

With deepest gratitude – Justiss