Debunking Haircare Myths

Some people say...

Some people say that if you use the same kind of shampoo every day, your hair can get used to it and it won’t work as well.

This is a myth.

It’s true that your hair will adapt to some things, like using conditioner, or not using conditioner, but after a while your hair will go back to its old self.

This is especially true with shampoo.

“All you need to do is change the types of shampoo you use,” says Rod Chatfield, a cosmetic chemist for L’Oréal. “It’s not about changing brands.”

When you change shampoos, you’re simply giving your hair different nutrients than it had been getting before. Different nutrients mean different effects on your hair.

 In fact, a 2005 study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science found that people who switched their shampoo brands every couple of months had the most healthy-looking hair.

This doesn’t mean you should go buy 20 different shampoos and switch them out all at once, but if you want to experiment with new brands, it’s probably not going to hurt your hair.

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