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Conditioning your hair is the most important part of any hair care routine—it’s a remedy for all hair problems.

While a quick 3-minute rinse may leave your hair feeling soft and manageable, an in salon treatment will result in more lasting effects: less damage, shinier strands.

If you use heat, styling products or chemical treatments on your hair—such as perms, color and bleach—you should have it deep-conditioned because these products can damage the hair’s cuticle. The cuticle is a protective layer that covers each strand of hair, and when it is damaged, the strands become brittle and break easily.

3 Options Just For You

A hairdresser or hair stylist who is performing a color service at CANVAS Salon

Complimentary Deep Conditioning

Price $0

This add-on service* is perfect for those who want to leave the salon with healthier looking hair but don’t have the time to do a full treatment.

After a double cleanse, your stylist will apply the treatment to damp hair, cover your hair and sit you under a dryer for 5 minutes so that the product can penetrate your hair. After that, they’ll complete the service you have booked.

*This complimentary service is an add-on service only.

A hairdresser or hair stylist who is performing a color service at CANVAS Salon

Deluxe Deep Conditioning

Price $40

This service is ideal for anyone with dry and coarse hair, as well as those who wish to add extra nourishment to their hair.

The Deluxe Deep Conditioning Treatment consists of three steps:

The first step is a double cleanse, which removes any dirt and product buildup from the hair. Then your stylist will sit you under the dryer 15 minutes to allow the fibers of your hair for to expand to allow all the reparative ingredients to infuse to your hair, and finally will perform a cool rinse to allow your hair fibers to contract and lock in the moisture and then flash dried.

*This service includes a flash dry, but a blowdry style can be added.


Scalp + Hair, Detox & Deep Conditioning

Price $75

A Scalp + Hair Detox with a Deep Conditioning service is perfect for anyone who has dry or damaged hair, or is looking to restore their natural shine after using harsh chemicals.

After an initial cleanse, your stylist will massage a special detox elixir into your hair and scalp, cover and sit you under a dryer for 10-15 minutes. Your stylist will then rinse it out and apply your deep conditioner, sitting under the steamer for another 10 minutes so the product can strengthen, protect, and restore the health of your hair so that you can keep it looking great for longer. After that, they’ll style your hair as usual.

The deep conditioning treatment will leave your hair soft, shiny and manageable. The scalp detox treatment will leave your scalp feeling fresh and renewed, with no more itching or flaking.

*This service includes a blowdry style.