September 13th, 2021
10 - 2

A class for the razor curious. Learn how to use a razor to cut length, remove weight and create seamless, modern movement.
  • Learn the anatomy of a razor, what each part is used for, and how to hold it safely.
  • Discussing references, and identifying when to use a razor.
  • The importance of your “stroke” when using a razor, and what it means and how it affects the finished look.
  • How to cut a strong, yet diffused perimeter and build interior shape.
  • When, how and why to remove weight from a razor cut.
  • Common misconceptions, around razor cutting.
  • How to cut, and use a guide while cutting with your razor.
  • How to elevate your consultation so both you and your client feel at ease and excited.
  • Styling techniques to complete the look.
  • Rachel will be performing a demo on a live model before students move on to the hands-on portion.

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