How to fix dry, damaged, hair that is breaking off without getting a big chop!

How to fix dry, damaged, hair that is breaking off without getting a big chop!

Many people who have colored, highlighted or styled their hair with hot tools notice that it becomes dry and damaged.

In fact, they usually assume their hair is frizzy, and proceed to use hot tool after hot tool and product after product to calm the frizz.

Unfortunately, the frizz they are battling is caused by damage resulting from over-processing and hot tool over usage.

It’s time to give your hair a break, and rediscover the joy of having beautiful hair.

In this article, I’ll share how you can repair dry, damaged and breaking hair without cutting it all off.

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Avoid Heat Styling

Avoid Heat Styling

The first step to repairing damaged hair is to avoid heat styling as much as possible. Heat styling can cause dryness, breakage, and split ends.

Heat protectants are great for protecting your hair from damage while you’re using the blow dryer or flat iron.

We recommend LOMA’s Nourishing Oil, one of our favorite’s to use in the salon.

Loma’s Nourishing Oil is all hair types, especially normal to dry hair

  • Replenish, style and protect
  • Speeds up drying time
  • Smooths and protects the hair while enhancing shine
  • Repairs the hair surface, helps control frizz and preserves color
  • Natural thermal protection up to 450°F
  • No artificial color or fragrance
  • Great on the skin
  • Detangles

If you use a flat iron or curling wand on regular basis, look for one that has a temperature control so that it doesn’t get too hot!

Wash less

Yes, wash your hair less. I know it seems counterproductive to the health of your hair, but when you over-wash your hair, you strip your scalp and hair of natural oils.

These oils are essential for healthy hair. When you wash your hair too often, it can lead to dryness and breakage. So try to limit your hair washing to once or twice a week, and if you feel like washing more often, use a dry shampoo instead of actual shampoo (see below).

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Use a shampoo for dry, damaged hair.

You may be surprised to learn that your regular shampoo could be causing the problem. It’s important to choose a sulfate-free cleanser if you want to keep your locks in tip-top shape.

Sulfates are harsh detergents that remove oil from hair–but too much can also strip away its natural oils and moisture, leaving it dry and brittle.

Instead of reaching for something like Pantene Pro-V or Head & Shoulders (which both contain sulfates), invest in something gentler with better ingredients.

We offer two options to our guests at CANVAS. LOMA’s Nourishing and Moisturizing Shampoos. Both are sulfate free and contain Aloe as the main ingredient.

Swap your towel for a t-shirt.

I know this may sound crazy, but hear us out!

The reason why towels can cause so much damage is because they’re made from very rough fabrics that are hard on your hair when drying it off.

They also tend to be larger than the average t-shirt, which means that you’re wrapping up more of your head in each towel and rubbing it against itself (and thus breaking off more strands).

By switching from towels to soft cotton t-shirts instead, you’ll notice a huge difference in how easy it is to dry your hair and there will be less breakage as well!

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Use a deep conditioner up to 2 times a month.

Deep conditioners work to restore moisture to your hair, which will leave it feeling softer and more manageable.

After washing, apply some of the deep conditioner onto wet hair and leave it in for 10 minutes before rinsing out with cool water (hot water will open up the cuticle too much).

This will seal off those cuticles so they can’t absorb any more moisture from outside sources like humidity or rain which could further dry out your locks.

Use a hair oil to keep the moisture in and fend off frizz.

Get a Brazilian Blowout

An image of frizzy hair that has been treated with a keratin treatment called Brazilian Blowout.

A Brazilian Blowout is a process that straightens your hair and seals in the moisture. It works by using a keratin treatment to bond with your hair’s natural keratin molecules, which creates a protective barrier around each strand for up to three months.

With a Brazilian Blowout your hair will look and feel smoother and shinier. The treatment also helps to prevent future damage from styling tools, UV rays and humidity. A Brazilian Blowout treatment is an investment, but the results last for months!

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We know there are tons of products out there that claim to fix your hair. But the ones that work best are the ones that you don’t need to use every day. So keep it simple, and remember: The less you can do with your hair, the better!