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Meet Nichole, our Norvell Certified Sunless Tanning Expert


Sunless Tanning Specialist

Nichole Matherly has been a spray technician since 2009.

'My passion, is making women and men feel more comfortable in their skin. Allowing all skin types to experience a life with sun kissed skin. Sunless tanning is good for the soul and allows us to feel more confident in showing a little skin!'

What is a spray tan?

A sunless tanning session takes approximately 30 mins to apply. This is done by a certified spray technician getting all areas of the body that some traditional booths may miss. You will be left with a natural look, can choose how light or dark you are wanting to go.

We use Norvell tanning solution which is designed to match skin colors, anti-orange bronzer.

This solution does have a very light scent not a strong self-tanner odor. You will be able to see the tan immediately after your visit, this is just the cosmetic coating that allows your spray tech to visibly see where they are spraying to assure all areas are coated properly.

Tans usually last up to 5-7 days.

Spray tanning is safe for pregnant women, children (under the age of 16 parent must be present).

We do not recommend getting more than one spray tan per week, always allow the last spray to completely wash off before applying the next coat of sunless solution.

Spray tans are a safe way to make your skin glow, no harmful chemicals, or rays. Once it’s gone, its gone. Sunless tanning is not a sunscreen replacement.

You can and will still burn while in sunlight with a spray tan. Our solution contains 0% SPF.

Before spray tan instructions:

- Shave 48 hours before appointment
- Shower and Exfoliate skin day of appointment
- If possible do not apply make-up, lotion, perfumes, or deodorant. You may apply deodorant after spray session
- Wear loose fitting / dark clothes (no tight legging, jeans, shoes, bras) any of the above can cause solution to rub off and may cause lines in in your spray tan.
- If it is raining, we ask that you have on proper clothing that will protect your skin from getting wet in any way.
- Wear clothing of your choice, keeping in mind that what is worn during the spray session will leave tan lines.

After care instructions:

- Go commando
- Do not sweat or get wet 8-24 hours after spray session
- Allow the solution to sit on skin no less than 8 hours, the longer you let the solution set the darker your color will be. Solution stops developing after 24 hours.
- Shower rinse in warm water using hands to wash. Air or pat dry moisturizing as much as possible to allow the tan to last longer. The more you shower the faster the tan will fade.
- After 5-7 days you will notice the spray tan lightening, the tan comes off as your skin sheds its weekly layer. If for any reason you notice spotting after the 5th exfoliate and scrap skin to remove any leftover solution.
- Keep in mind the feet, hands, and face are the first to fade. This is your thinnest skin and most washed or rubbed (shoes, make up, and washing hands).
- Wash clothing and sheets right after use to avoid staining.

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ONLY a Few Appointments Available.

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