Social Media Strategies to Stop in 2021

Guess What? It’s 2021 darling, the firestorm of 2020 is over along with the way that we market ourselves using Social Media.

So the question I need to ask you, are you ready to grow?

Here are the social media ‘strategies’ I encourage my team to STOP DOING, these tactics are so early 2000’s and they don’t belong in the 21st Century darling.

So let’s begin with what to STOP doing:

  1. No more follow/unfollow – this tactic breaks trust. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
  2. Follow trains/follow parties (you’re asking for followers who aren’t actually interested in what you share, aren’t your perfect and ideal client, and won’t actually contribute in any way to your success).
  3. RANDOM posting. Consistency is the single greatest secret to success – I REPEAT, Consistency is the single greatest secret to success.
  4. Buying followers/likes. Yes, people still do this. But this will destroy your account long term with low engagement and shell followers!!!
  5. Giveaways!!! Argh. We’ve all done this, in fact I could probably jump on Instagram RIGHT NOW and pull up 5 hairdresser accounts currently giving away some sort of prize or discount to try and entice people into their chairs. Even I did this, in the beginning of my career, and even last year when I was able to reopen my salon. But you know what, it doesn’t work, but some how we keep lying to ourselves, thinking it’s going to.

Ok ok, I hate being a Negative Nellie, so let me share some things that you should keep doing or start doing to help grow your instagram following and outreach for 2021.

  1. Create more content than you consume. We spend a lot of time focusing on what our heroes are doing. What if you could take that time and become the hero to someone else?
  2. Niche down your hashtags for TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, and put a couple in that your ideal client is using. Yes, it does make a difference, I don’t listen to anyone who says it doesn’t.
  3. Use as many free tools for content creation/amplification as you can, CANVA is my absolute favorite.
    • Otter.ai gives you some free transcription every month.
    • InShot for free video editing is plenty to get you started.
    • Unsplash & Pexels for free stock photos that are better than most options.
  4. Every post should bring your audience value. There isn’t too much value you can give for free. In fact, the more just plain old value I give, the more people naturally follow.
  5. Create a content calendar and do the same thing again and again, and be consistent. If on Monday’s you want to talk about Hair Treatments, then do it every Monday. If you love to post about your life, pick a day and do it on that day every week. Be consistent, Instagram rewards for consistency.

I have so many more tips like this, so if you’re not already on my email list, you should totally sign up here.

See you soon!


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