CANVAS Salon’s Creative Team

Justiss, Level 4

Owner | Hair Loss Expert | Hair Extensions


Step right into CANVAS Salon and you’re likely to be greeted by Justiss, the proud owner and master colorist of this hidden gem tucked away in the heart of Mebane, NC. But don’t let the small salon size fool you — Justiss brings a powerhouse of talent and over eight years of hair industry experience to this inviting space.

From providing the perfect Brazilian blowout to overhauling colors (and sometimes, lives) with her master colorist touch, Justiss isn’t just any salon owner – she’s a hair wizard. And if you’re struggling with hair loss or dreaming of luscious extensions, Justiss is your go-to gal, wielding her expert knowledge with the grace and precision of an artist at the easel.

But here’s a fun fact you might not expect: before she was transforming tresses, Justiss was part of an aerospace agency that contributes to the space program. So not only does she work hair magic, she’s a rocket science alum too! And as if that wasn’t impressive enough, Justiss also proudly served in the U.S Navy. Talk about bringing a whole new meaning to ‘aiming for the stars’!

So, whether you’re in for a trim or a complete hair metamorphosis, you’re in the incredibly capable hands of a seasoned pro and a veritable space-age wonderwoman. At CANVAS Salon, every hair flip is a salute to Justiss’s journey, from the navy blues to daring hues. Ready for lift-off to stunning hair? Justiss has you covered.

Nicholas, Level 3

Master Stylist | Brazilian Blowout Certified


Meet Nicholas, an expert in both fabulous hair coloring and precise hair cutting at the lovely CANVAS Salon located in the charming town of Mebane, NC. With an outstanding 12 years behind the chair, Nicholas has honed his hair artistry skills, becoming a maestro of hues and shears alike. He’s mastered the fine art of balayage and can whip up your favorite shade faster than you can say “ombre”.

Not only is Nicholas a master of color, he also has a profound love and talent for hair cutting. He revels in transforming hair of all types, from long to short, curly to straight. Nicholas views every haircut as a sculpting project, shaping and snipping away until your locks reveal their best form. His joy lies in creating anything from chic bobs to layered waves or sharp buzz cuts – whatever suits your style and facial structure. 

In his free time, he loves spending time with his sweet and handsome dog Mac, going to shows and concerts, or just relaxing with friends.

If you are looking for a new style or are just new to the area, book an appointment and experience the magic of his expertise in both cutting and coloring at CANVAS Salon!

Sierra, Level 3

Blonding Expert | Brazilian Blowout Certified


Born and raised in Alamance county, Sierra possesses an intimate understanding of the local style and radiates a sense of familiarity and comfort that transcends the use of mere scissors and brushes.

Sierra’s impressive repertoire extends over 8 years in the alluring world of hair. As a color specialist, Sierra isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of creativity, challenging conventional styles with her masterful understanding of tones and hues. Our salon has become a canvas where she continues to create hair masterpieces that leave our clients feeling like a work of art.

Furthermore, Sierra has honed her talent for creating stunning blond transformations, establishing herself as a sought-after blonding expert. She illuminates every strand of hair, turning it into a golden lustrous dream that defies every expectation.

She is also certified in Brazilian Blowout – a transformative hair smoothing treatment. With Sierra, frizzy, difficult hair is merely a canvas for her to smooth out into a glossy, vibrant masterpiece of manageable magnificence.

Sierra is not just a stylist; she is an expert, an ardent devotee to her craft, expressing her art in every snip and color stroke. We are ecstatic to have Sierra on board at CANVAS Salon — enticing transformations await you soon.

Soe, Level 1

Dark to Blond | Brazilian Blowout Certified​


Introducing Soe, the tenacious tress-transformer at CANVAS Salon in charming Mebane, NC. Gracing us with brilliance from the get-go, Soe rocketed from the new talent program, hurdling straight onto the stylist stage as a shining Level 1 maestro.

Her special power? Whisking away the darkness to reveal radiant blonde, a thrilling spectacle that’d make even Rapunzel palpitate with envy. And if sleekness is more your style, have no fear: Soe is Brazilian Blowout Certified, ready to serve your locks a luxurious trip to smooth and shiny paradise.

However, Soe’s talents stretch beyond the salon chair. When away from her scissors and brushes, she transforms into Mebane’s own green-thumbed goddess. An aficionado of all things foliage, she shares her home – and heart – with a leafy congregation of plants. And amidst her verdant oasis roams Luna, Soe’s trusted husky compatriot who’s just as enchanting as the moon she’s named after.

So drop by CANVAS Salon and let Soe take your hair on a transformative journey. Who knows, you might just also get some sound advice on nurturing pothos or on dealing with a husky’s shedding season! A session with Soe is a golden blend of style, sustainability, and Siberian Huskies, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!