The Mean Girls Guide to Fighting Covid-19

The Mean Girls Guide to Fighting Covid-19

It seems like every time I open the news app (which isn’t often, for obvious reasons) Coronavirus Infections are on the rise. It makes it scary to leave the house, to participate in normal life in any way.

We are so proud of our fellow Salon’s for thriving and keeping clients and staff safe! Everyone counts in doing their part and commend everyone in the industry for doing such a diligent job in mindfulness in preventing the spread of COVID-19 so one day we can all go back to normal!

We are so very thankful for everyone who continues to wear their masks properly in the salon, it means that we are able stay open and continue to provide services to the community safely.

At CANVAS, we’re continuing to stay on top of constant sanitizing, hand-washing, social distancing (our stations are 6ft+ apart”, wearing masks, single appointments, and being mindful of staying home and being safe while outside of work!

Everyone is also Barbicide Certified, including the Salon actually which means we are a BARBICIDE® Certified Safe Service Establishment.  What this means is:

As the Owner I ensure that:
  • All employees are BARBICIDE Certified.
  • Adequate amounts of BARBICIDE/Clippercide disinfecting products will be made available at all time.
  • Fresh BARBICIDE will be prepared for disinfection/immersion prior to opening each day and disposed of at the close of business.
  • Proper concentration of immersion fluid is always maintained.
  • All non-porous implements are properly cleaned prior to disinfection, washed with soap, and rinsed prior to placement in disinfectant.
  • All licensees or employees who process implements adhere to proper contact time necessary to effective inactivate or destroy pathogens. 10 Minutes for Immersion, 2 Minutes for Surfaces.
  • Only cleaned and disinfected implements are used on a client.
  • Properly cleaned and disinfected implements that are ready for use will be placed in a closed, covered container.
  • Used implements are placed in a container marked “dirty” until they have been properly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Electrical implements, such as clippers, are cleaned and disinfected prior to use.
  • Establishment will store electrical implements in a manner that the cord is not in contact with disinfected implements.
  • All single use items are disposed of after a single use. This includes but is not limited to neck strips, nail files, sanding bands, pumice, buffing blocks, cotton, disposable table/ headrest covers.
  • Will only remove product from multi-use containers with a single use spatula or properly cleaned/disinfected non-porous spatula.
  • Every employee performs hand hygiene after each service and prior to a service.
  • Employees are not allowed to work when sick and that sick patrons are turned away for services and asked to return later.
  • Manager ensures that they will support employees in the decision to deny a service to a person exhibiting signs of illness or infection.
  • Establishment will only use clean, properly laundered towels and linens with each service. State rules for laundering must be followed.
  • Establishment will store clean towels/linens must be stored in a closed container such as a cabinet or drawer.
  • Restrooms have adequate liquid soap, paper towels and toilet paper available at all times.
  • SDS are available to all employees at all times.
  • Chemicals are stored as directed on the manufacturers label
  • All work stations are fully disinfected daily. All Health & Public Safety (sanitation) rules of their state are being followed.

Here’s a quick video that we’ve shared on our social media that shows how we sanitize & disinfect after each appointment, ps it has sound so you may want to turn your speakers up or down depending on your location.