What are Pop-Up Appointments?

Pop-Up Appointments 101

First off, let me first say COVID.

COVID sent Personal Grooming Businesses, along with many others, for a loop.

Many of these professionals lost their entire livelihood in a matter of a day, and there was nothing they could legally do about it.

And to be honest, we’re all still trying to recover.

I am thankful to the community for stepping up and supporting small businesses, it meant and continues to mean the world to us!

But there are still challenges facings small businesses like CANVAS Salon today.

So a creative group of Hair Dressers thought up an idea to entice guests back into the salon, especially those who prefer to book appointments on the fly – because that’s just what it’s like now.

Enter the Pop-Up Appointment.

What Pop-Ups became known for back in the mid-2000’s was the ability to take a retail store and open in a temporarily location to take advantage of the sales of a trend, seasonal demand, or overstock of products.

But we’ve done a bit of re-branding and taken over the Pop-Up and turned it into an exclusive opportunity to get an IN DEMAND APPOINTMENT for you and a free bonus.

We only list out 3 opportunities.  Once the appointments are taken, that’s it.  You’ll have to wait for the following week to see what our new options are.

This may not always be the norm, but who knows, I mean 2020 was such a crazy whirlwind of surprises, who knows what 2021 has in store!